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Some of our many success stories.

Every day our unique online dating agencies brings together ugly people who have lots of money and poor beautiful people who have few scruples. Like all relationships some of these last just a few minutes, some a few days but others achieve eternal love love and last for weeks.

Below are just a few of the many success stories that we at Marry an Ugly Millionaire have helped to create. These wonderful people found love, romance and marriage happiness with just a few mouse clicks (plus our excessively expensive dating agency and marriage arrangement fees)

 Click on the pictures to see the full story. If you are an ugly millionaire or poverty stricken beauty then check our other pages to find the partner of your dreams. Let our online dating agency help you find a fairytale romance. 

When multi-millionaire Tossa saw beautiful Vanity for the first time it was lust at first sight. Vanity immediately saw that 42 stone Tossa had a huge, huge bank balance and leapt at the chance of sharing a life and bank account with him. Click a picture to read their true life story.

Ultra rich circus owner, Major Wuthering Lowes made a big impression on beauty queen Terri Cottah - but did Terri see stars in the little millionaires eyes or was it just $ signs?

Click a picture to find out if love conquered their 3ft difference in height.

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Disclaimer: Marry an Ugly Millionaire Marriage Bureau and Online Dating Agency is part of the exclusive Rich Gentlemen's Club Dating Service that provides full escorted dating, wedding, divorce and funeral services to those who are absolutely loaded and are able to afford our excessively expensive, specialist services. The company do not assume responsibility for any of the marriages we arrange after the 90 day guarantee period. Neither do we guarantee that any marriage will necessarily be happy, profitable or sexually gratifying. We do however, offer all clients, who's marriage we have arranged, a 40% discount on subsequent divorce proceedings. Warning a marriage is a serious undertaking and should only be entered into after careful consideration and expensive legal advice.