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The Russian Online Dating Agency with a BIG difference!!

Having trouble finding Mr or Mrs Right? Always in debt? Massive overdraft? 

Welcome to Marry an Ugly Millionaire - the Best International Dating Service created for people like you. We provide a unique dating and marriage service. A service that you will not find elsewhere on the internet. For we are about to solve both your financial problems and your relationship problems with just a few clicks of the mouse! 

Why Marry an Ugly Millionaire?

The world is NOT full of beautiful people – that’s a fact. 

There are many men and women who are on the hideous side of normal. But that doesn’t make them bad or unmarriable!  No - many ugly people have other traits that make up for their lack of good looks – personality, charisma, dependability, caring and MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MONEY. These traits add beauty to otherwise excessively overweight, fat, deformed and revoltingly ugly people. A beauty you can enjoy while sipping champagne on an exclusive a sun kissed beech.  

NOTE: Okay we admit it - there are plenty of beautiful people using - so if you are looking for your dream mate you will also find them here!! 

How to Marry an Ugly Millionaire?

Check the “Men Seeking Women” and  “Women Seeking Men” sections. There you will find a profile on each of our millionaire clients. Find the one that you would like to marry then complete the Application Form. Within a few weeks the Millionaire will choose his or her future partner. If you are chosen, we will contact you and make all the wedding arrangements. It’s that simple. There is absolutely no cost or risk to you. All our weddings are covered by a ninety day emotion-back guarantee.

Spotlight : people looking for love. : click on picture to see full profile.

Multimillionaire seeks young man for dancing, parachuting, and nose sucking. Mega powerful Saddman Hussinsane seeks beautiful woman to help reduce his lonely solitude. Rich inventor seeks gorgeous model aged 18 - 20 for mutual admiration and flower arranging. Gorgeous 27 year old Asian lady seeks millionaire aged 30 -50.

Fulfil your dreams to find love, happiness and great wealth. 

So go on – Marry an Ugly Millionaire - and have a fairytale happy and mega-rich future.  

All marriages are covered by a Marry an Ugly Millionaire unique ninety day guarantee.

What are our Ugly Millionaires looking for?  

Most are looking for happiness! They want to find a partner that will love them despite their repulsive outward appearance. They are looking for someone who is loving, caring, good fun to be with and most importantly incredibly sexy and attractive!! (IE no poor mingers need apply)

What if I am not looking for an Ugly Millionaires?  

Do not worry!! Our Russian dating agency is no longer just for ugly millionaire - we have had so many requests from beautiful people we have opened up the agency to everyone. So whether you are a beggar or a king an ugly duckling or a beautiful swan, you will find love on our new site.

Disclaimer: Marry an Ugly Millionaire Marriage Bureau and Russian Online Dating Agency is part of the exclusive Rich Gentlemen's Club Dating Service that provides full escorted dating, wedding, divorce and funeral services to those who are absolutely loaded and are able to afford our excessively expensive, specialist services. The company do not assume responsibility for any of the marriages we arrange after the 90 day guarantee period. Neither do we guarantee that any marriage will necessarily be happy, profitable or sexually gratifying. We do however, offer all clients, who's marriage we have arranged, a 40% discount on subsequent divorce proceedings. Warning a marriage is a serious undertaking and should only be entered into after careful consideration and expensive legal advice. Please read the small print before signing a marriage contract.